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TMJ: The Self Help Program

Editorial Reviews

Biofeedback, Newsmagazine of the Association for Applied Psychophysology and Biofeedback, 1993
".... The lay reader, however, will appreciate the straightforward explinations, recommendations, and vignettes of fellow sufferers such as Bert Renolds. If I was a patient, exhausted by replicated studies and puzzled looks from the medical community, I would feel deep gratitude for Dr. Taddey's attempt to deminish my confusion and empower me with useful information."

The Journal Of Clinical Orthodontics, May 1991
"....The author offers sound advice about preventing TMJ dysfunction and devotes several chapters to instructions on self-help. The roles of nutrition, exercise, and stress are thoroughly explored."

The Pain Report, 1992 Vol.4 No.3
"....The book leaves nothing to chance: there's even a section on nutritional considerations in TMJ.... .....the chapter features the home exercise program for head and neck pain developed by Dr. Bernadette Jaeger of UCLA's Pain Management Center. It should be read by virtually every patient who requires such a program"

Today's Chiropractic, February 1991
"...Written in a clear, concise style, the book is packed with useful information, charts, illustrations and appendices covering every aspect of the disease and its treatment."

The Holistic Dental Digest, February 1991
"....It will help you understand your problem...It's well rounded...covers many topics like headache, self-examination, stress, exercises you can do... This is a practical, amply illustrated and very readable book--226 pages loaded with good information for you."

Journal of the California Dental Association, April 1991
".....TMJ: The Self-HelpProgram is not intended for dentists in any way, but rather is designed for patients with TMJ problems.... I like the book enough to recommend it to patients."

Jeffrey P.Okeson, D.M.D., Director Orofacial Pain Center, University of Kentucky, personal communication, 1995
"....a valuable aid in educating our patients."

Gordon Christensen, D.D.S., Ph.D., Senior Consultant, Clinical Research Associates, personal communication, 1994
" An excellent book...a fine job of putting together information for the general public....I am including it in my courses."

Library Journal, September 1, 1990
" Very readable...well illustrated...recommended for libraries with a demand for self-help and consumer education."


Customer Reviews
Avg. Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars TMJ: The Self-Help Program, November 25, 2002

  Reviewer: A reader from Texas

Very useful information. I live in a remote town and it's 3 hours to the nearest doctor who treats TMJ. The self help info really helped me treat myself. I bought two products the book recommended and was able to stop the headaches.

5 out of 5 stars Dealing with TMJ, January 24, 2002

  Reviewer: A reader from USA

This book has been a great source of information for me in dealing with my TMJ disorder. It has given me a greater understanding of my condition and wonderful information on helping me deal with the pain.
I had decided to try the TMJ orthotics before resorting to surgery. The orthotics have helped me greatly and I have alot less pain. The home exercies are also very beneficial.
I would definitely recommend this book to others.

2 out of 5 stars tmj the real story, September 17, 2001

  Reviewer: A reader from Rhode Island, USA

I am a 36 yr. old female. I have been suffering with TMJ/DJD for a great many years - 22 to be exact. For the past 4 it's been hell. With four surgeries and 2 total reconstructions I am still living with horrid pain. When this book was recommened to me, I thought it would give me some answers. It did not. I was put off by how the chronic issue were not addressed. Surgery by an oral surgeon was not discussed. In my area of the country, dentists do not deal with TMJ, the oral surgeon is the main MD. Get your facts correct. The book was a waste of money.