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<p><BIG><font size="2" face="Verdana"><font size="3" face="Verdana"><B>
Orthodontic Applications of Osseointegrated Implants</B></font></font></BIG></p>
<p><font class="bodytext"><b>REVIEWS</b><br>
&quot;Kenji W. Higuchi, DDS, MS, skillfully assembled a distinguished group of
authorities from various dental disciplines to complement and support his work
in maxillofacial surgery, implantology and orthodontics. His easy-to-read book
has hundreds of excellent photographs, concise diagrams and pieces of artwork&quot;.<br>
<i>Reviewed by Henry E. Kraski, DDS, FICOI<br>
Today's FDA, December 2000</i> </font></p>
<p><font class="bodytext">This book combines theoretical discussions of bone
physiology, metabolism, and biomechanics with practical guidelines for treating
the partially edentulous patient, the multidisciplinary patient, and the growing
child. For each of these situations, readers will learn the indications for
implant anchorage, methods of locating the appropriate implant position, timing
of orthodontic loading, types of provisional restorations appropriate for
attaching orthodontic brackets, and effects of orthodontic loading on the
integrity of osseointegration and the final restoration. The use of
subperiosteal bone anchors and the application of distraction osteogenesis in
combination with osseointegrated implants are also described.<br>
<b>ISBN:</b> 0-86712-356-3 <br>
<i>232pp: 575 illus (418 in color)</i><br>
<b>Table of Contents:</b> <br>
Chapter 1 Ortho-Integration: The Alliance Between Orthodontics and
Osseointegration/Kenji W. Higuchi, DDS, MS <br>
Chapter 2 Comprehensive Management of Implant Anchorage in the Multidisciplinary
Patient/Vincent G. Kokich, DDS, MSD <br>
Chapter 3 Clinical and Laboratory Procedures for Implant Anchorage in Partially
Edentulous Dentitions/Ward M. Smalley, DDS, MSD <br>
Chapter 4 Implant Anchorage in Orthodontic Treatment/Birgit Thilander, LDS,
Odont Dr <br>
Chapter 5 Orthodontic Loading of Implants: Biomechanical Considerations/John B.
Brunski, MS, PhD, and James M. Slack, DDS, MS <br>
Chapter 6 Orthodontic and Orthopedic Anchorage Using Subperiosteal Bone
Anchors/Michael S. Block, DMD <br>
Chapter 7 Restorative Considerations in Combined Orthodontic Implant
Therapy/Frank M. Spear, DDS, MSD <br>
Chapter 8 Implant Considerations in the Growing Child/Larry J. Oesterle, DDS, MS
Chapter 9 Orthodontic Anchorage with Osseointegrated Implants: Bone Physiology,
Metabolism, and Biomechanics/W. Eugene Roberts, DDS, PhD <br>
Chapter 10 Application of the Principles of Distraction Osteogenesis Using
Osseointegrated Implants/Minoru Ueda, DDS, PhD<br>
<b>Preface:</b> <br>
Of the significant advances in dentistry during the twentieth century, arguably
none has extended the treatment horizons more than the successful use of
osseointegrated implants. Applying the principles of osseointegration,
clinicians are able to predictably replace missing teeth with excellent
long-term esthetic and functional results. It is the premise of this text that
the specialty of orthodontics plays a major role in the interdisciplinary
management of patients treated with implants. Using a team approach, the
restorative dentist, orthodontist, and surgeon are able to develop a treatment
plan relying on the unique skills of each discipline. The following chapters
review the synergistic relationship of osseointegrated implant therapy in
orthodontics including treatment planning, presurgical orthodontic preparation,
tooth replacement, and implant-orthodontic anchorage. Although designed to
benefit any restorative dentist, prosthodontist, or surgeon involved with
implant treatment, this book focuses on the specific interests of orthodontists,
a subject that has been inadequately addressed. It is hoped that this material
will encourage the use of osseointegrated implant therapy in orthodontic
patients and that this will lead to superior clinical results. I extend my
sincere thanks to each of the contributors, without whose dedication and effort
this project would not have been possible. To close, I would like to express my
sincere gratitude to Professor P-I Brånemark, who has encouraged my activities
in diverse areas of osseointegration, but more important, has taught me always
to keep the patient’s welfare foremost.<br>
Kenji W. Higuchi, DDS, MS<br>