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Development, Function and Evolution of Teeth


Part I. Genes, Molecules and Tooth Initiation: 1. Homeobox genes in initiation and shape of teeth during development in mammalian embryos Paul T. Sharpe; 2. Return of lost structure in the developmental control of tooth shape Jukka Jernvall and Irma Thesleff; 3. Molecules implicated in odontoblast terminal differentiation and dentinogenesis J. V. Ruch and H. Lesot; 4. Enamel biomineralization: the assembly and disassembly of the protein extracellular organic matrix Alan G. Fincham, Janet Moradian-Oldak, Michael L. Paine, Malcolm L. Snead and Margarita Zeichner-David; Part II. Tooth Tissues: Development and Evolution: 5. Evolutionary origins of dentine in the fossil record of early vertebrates: diversity, development and function Moya Smith and Ivan Sansom; 6. Pulpo-dentinal interactions in development and repair of dentine Tony Smith; 7. Prismless enamel in amniotes: terminology, function and evolution P. Martin Sander; 8. Two different strategies in enamel differentiation: marsupial versus eutheria Wighart v. Koenigswald; 9. Incremental markings in enamel and dentine: what they can tell is about the way teeth grow M. C. Dean; Part III. Evolution of Tooth Shape and the Dentition: 10. Evolutionary origins of teeth and jaws: developmental models and phylogenetic patterns Moya Smith and Mike Coates; 11. Development and evolution of dentition patterns and their genetic basis Zhiyong Zhao, Kenneth N. Weiss and David W. Stock; 12. Evolution of tooth attachment in lower vertebrates to tetrapods Peter Gängler; 13. Tooth replacement patterns in non-mammalian vertebrates Barry Berkovitz; 14. The evolution of tooth shape and tooth function in primates P. M. Butler; 15. ‘Schultz’s Rule’ and the evolution of tooth emergence and replacement patterns in primates and ungulates B. Holly Smith; Part IV. Macrostructure and Function: 16. Developmental plasticity in the dentition of a heterodont polyphyodont fish species Ann Huysseune; 17. Enamel microporosity and its functional implications Peter Shellis and George Dibdin; 18. Pathways to functional differentiation in mammalian enamel John M. Rensberger; 19. Trends in the evolution of molar crown types in ungulate mammals: evidence from the northern hemisphere J. Jernvall, J. P. Hunter and M. Fortelius; 20. Function of postcanine tooth crown shape in mammals Peter W. Lucas and Charles R. Peters; 21. Primate dental functional morphology revisited Mark F. Teaford.



‘… a very worthwhile addition to any library’. Anthony Graham, British Society for Developmental Biology Newsletter


Paul T. Sharpe, Jukka Jernvall, Irma Thesleff, J. V. Ruch, H. Lesot, Alan G. Fincham, Janet Moradian-Oldak, Michael L. Paine, Malcolm L. Snead, Margarita Zeichner-David, Moya Smith, Ivan Sansom, Tony Smith, P. Martin Sander, Wighart v. Koenigswald, M. C. Dean, Mike Coates, Zhiyong Zhao, Kenneth M. Weiss, David W. Stock, Peter Gängler, Barry Berkowitz, P. M. Butler, B. Holly Smith, Ann Huysseune, Peter Shellis, George Dibdin, Joan M. Rensberger, J. P. Hunter, M. Fortelius, Peter W. Lucas, Charles R. Peters, Mark W. Teaford