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Aesthetic Evaluation Form • Bonding Procedure for All-Porcelain Crowns and Onlays • Color metamerism in teeth • 
Porcelain Veneer Bonding Procedure
 • Shade-Matching Technology • Should etching be performed as part of a vital bleaching technique? • Treatment Coordinator

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Bonding Instructions for All-Porcelain Crowns & Onlays:

Pre-appointment Preparation by the Assistant:

1. Place Rely-x porcelain primer on the etched surface of the onlay or porcelain crown and let it dry prior to the appointment.

2. Cut thin retraction cord (purple) enough to go completely around the tooth

3. If there are multiple crowns, draw circles on the tray paper for each crown or onlay and label each circle with the appropriate tooth number.

4 For onlays only:  Place the porcelain veneer curing tip on the curing light.

5 Get out the Variolink porcelain luting material.

6 Get out the etchant and All-Bond materials, the Superoxol, and brushes. (We will use a red brush for the Superoxol and a green or yellow brush for the All-Bond)

7 Get out a 3x3 paper pad and plastic mixing spatula for the Variolink luting composite.

8. For onlays, get out the box of Vivastick sticky sticks. Don’t remove any of the sticks from the box – just have the box ready.


Seat the Patient:

1. Place topical anesthetic.

2. Pumice the tooth to receive crown or onlay while you are waiting for the dentist.


Bonding procedure of All-Porcelain Crown or Onlay by the Doctor:

1. Give local anesthetic

2. Try on the porcelain crown or onlay again.

3. Get out the veneer luting composite – probably Variolink A and B clear.

4. Place cord.

5. Brush on Superoxol to prevent gingival bleeding. Rinse it off and re-apply until it quits foaming.

6. Etch the tooth. Assistant mixes the A+B primer while the dentist begins etching.

7. Swab on 5 coats of mixed A+B primer. Assistant mixes All Bond D/E resin and Pre-Bond resin while the dentist is swabbing on the primer. Mix a very small amount – a fraction of a drop of each.

8. Dry the primer.

9. Place mixed AllBond bonding resin on the tooth and on the onlay or crown. Assistant can mix the Variolink while bonding resin is being applied.

10. Place mixed Variolink on the onlay or crown. Be sure the onlay or crown has already had the bonding resin applied before placing the Variolink.

11. Place the onlay or crown on the tooth. Wipe off the gross excess.

12. FOR AN ONLAY: Cure just the central part of the onlay using the porcelain veneer curing tip. For a full crown, proceed to step 12 – cleaning off the excess – without an initial cure.

13. Using waxed floss, clean off all the excess luting composite.

14.Cure the onlay or crown more thoroughly.

15.Adjust occlusion, shape, and polish the crown or onlay.

16.Final cure – one minute each on the occlusal, buccal, and lingual surfaces.

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