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Science and Practice of Occlusion

Table of Contents:

Part I: Biologic Principles and Interactive Jaw Mechanics

Section 1: Form and Function
1 Development of Mandibular Form: Phylogeny, Ontogeny, and Function/Paul C. Dechow, David S. Carlson
2 Morphology and Mechanism of the Jaw Joint/Robert P. Scapino
3 Jaw Muscle Structure and Function/Alan G. Hannam
4 Neural Control of Oral Behavior and Its Impact on Occlusion/Robert W. Gear
5 The Dynamics of Occlusal Relationships/Gordon D. Douglass, Russell T. DeVreugd
6 The Supporting Structures and Dental Adaptation/W. Eugene Roberts, William F. Hohlt, Gordon R. Arbuckle

Section 2: Growth and Development
7 Effect of Function on Growth and Remodeling of the Temporomandibular Joint/Robert J. Hinton, David S. Carlsson
8 Macromolecular Components of Connective Tissues and Their Roles in Determining Tissue Mechanical Properties/Edwin H. K. Yen, Roberto S. Carvalho
9 Effect of the Physical Environment on Growth of the Temporomandibular Joint/Jeffrey C. Nickel, Laura R. Iwasaki, Kenneth R. McLachlan
10 Relationship Between Growth, Function, and Stress in the Temporomandibular Joint/Laura R. Iwasaki, Jeffry C. Nickel, Kenneth R. McLachlan
11 Adaptive Changes in Mandibular Muscles During Postnatal Development/Arthur J. Miller

Section 3: Biomechanics
12 Engineering Principles and Modeling Strategies/Raymond T. Mah, Steven P. McEvoy, David C. Hatcher, M. Gary Faulkner
13 In Vivo Bone Strain Patterns in the Craniofacial Region of Primates/William L. Hylander, Kirk R. Johnson
14 Simulated Physics of the Human Mandible/Tom W. P. Korioth
15 Computer Simulations of Jaw Biomechanics/Alan G. Hannam, Geerling E. J. Langenbach, Christopher C. Peck
16 Biomechanical and Biomaterial Considerations of Root-Form Dental Implants/Jack E. Lemons

Section 4: Tissue Response
17 Connective Tissue Response to Mechanical Stimulation/Roberto S. Carvalho, J. Elliot Scott, Axel Bumann, Edwin H. K. Yen
18 Disc Displacement Internal Derangements/Robert P. Scapino, David K. Mills
19 Biology of TMJ Degeneration: The Role of Matrix-Degrading Enzymes/Sunil Kapila
20 Distribution of Local and General Stresses in the Stomatognathic System/David C. Hatcher, Steven P. McEvoy, Raymond T. Mah, M. Gary Faulkner

Part II: Clinical Considerations for a Favorable Tissue Response

Section 5: Decision-making and Biologically Based Treatment Goals
21 Maxillomandibular Relationships: Mandibular Asymmetry, Occlusion, and Imaging/David C. Hatcher, Steven P. McEvoy, Raymond T. Mah
22 Clinical Decision-making in Occlusion: A Paradigm Shift/Christian S. Stohler
23 Fundamental Treatment Goals/Charles McNeill

Section 6: Baseline Records and Diagnostic Tests
24 History and Examination/Robert B. Morrish, Jr
25 Mounted Study Casts and Cephalometric Analysis/Laurence P. Stroud
26 Maxillofacial Imaging/David C. Hatcher
27 Jaw Tracking and Temporomandibular Joint Animation/Sandro Palla, Martin Krebs, Luigi M. Gallo

Section 7: Problem Solving and Treatment Planning
28 Interocclusal Appliances: Do They Offer a Biologic Advantage?/Christian S. Stohler
29 Role of Occlusion in Periodontal Disease/Richard T. Kao
30 Selective Tooth Grinding and Equilibration/Charles McNeill
31 Fundamental Occlusal Therapy Considerations/Frank M. Spear

Section 8: Restorative and Prosthodontic Therapy
32 Occlusal Considerations for Complex Restorative Therapy/Frank M. Spear
33 Occlusal Considerations in Complete Dentures/Sandro Palla
34 Masticatory Performance Measures for Maxillofacial Prosthodontics/Donald Curtis
35 Occlusion and Crestal Bone Resorption: Etiology and Treatment-Planning Strategies for Implants/Carl E. Misch, Martha Warren Bidez

Section 9: Orthodontic and Related Surgical Therapy
36 Long-term Stability of Mandibular Orthopedic Repositioning/Donald R. Joondeph
37 Gnathologic Considerations for Orthodontic Therapy/Ronald H. Roth
38 Occlusal Considerations for Orthognathic Surgery/William H. Ware, Jeffrey T. Fujimoto, Calvin Y. Lee