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Contemporary Cephalometric Radiography

Table of Contents:
I: Craniofacial Radiographic Anatomy
Frontal view of the skull (norma facialis)
Lateral view of the skull (norma lateralis)
Submental-vertex view of the skull (norma verticalis)
The bones of the skull and the first two cervical vertebrae

II: Cephalogram Tracing Procedures
Tracing the lateral cephalogram
Tracing the posteroanterior (P-A) cephalogram
Tracing the submental-vertex (S-V) cephalogram

III: Glossary of Cephalometric Terms and Definitions
Lateral cephalometric landmarks
P-A cephalometric landmarks
S-V cephalometric landmarks

IV: Appendix
Radiographic image of a symmetric skull
Radiographic images of an asymmetric skull
Radiographic images of mandibular asymmetry

292pp: 929 illus (100 in color)